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What’s better than getting your vehicle back after an accident? How about about getting it back meticulously repaired, professionally cleaned and expertly detailed. J Max appreciates all aspects of car culture and is here to maximize your confidence and driving pleasure.

At J Max, one of the ways we set ourselves apart is by giving your vehicle the attention it deserves over and above the repair. We want your ride to look better than its pre-accident condition. Our rave-worthy auto detailing service in Winnipeg is the cherry on top of the exceptional care we always provide.

Our talented detailing team is passionate about restoring the appearance of your vehicle. Our goal is to achieve a result that you will also take pride in.

So How Do We Do It?

Using state-of-the-art equipment and technology, our detailing experts prepare your car to be thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom. Our cleaning products are designed to enhance every inch of your vehicle from the inside out.


  1. We wash the exterior of your vehicle and brush it with a gentle paint safe soap that cleans away dust and dirt to reveal a refreshed exterior.

  2. Blowing out the vehicle with pressurized air removes dust accumulation from headliner to floor mats, across the dash and in the vents, this is the first step to helping you breathe easy when you get your car back. 

  3. Rinsing and wiping down door jambs in all those hard to reach places.


  1. Removal of all rubber and carpet mats. We clean from door jamb to interior carpet and everywhere in between.

  2. We perform a deep vacuum on seats from top to bottom and in door crevices and every nook and cranny.

  3. We clean out the hatches and take care of the entire trunk space. To help us make your car as clean as possible, please remove personal items or anything in storage in your trunk.

  4. Carpet mats are cleaned with a pressure washer or an automatic carpet washer and rubber mats are pressure washed and treated to give them extra shine and protection.

Pressure Washing

  1. Carefully, once the vehicle has been shampooed on the exterior, our team cleans your vehicle with warm water. 

  2. Wheel wells, roof, truck beds and everywhere else you can think of will be washed down to show off your car's best shine.

  3. In areas where we find tree sap or highway grime like bugs and tar we can apply a degreasing formula that is paint safe and allows us to effectively remove it without risk to your surface. 

  4. Front ends, side mirrors, mouldings and chrome are rinsed gently to ensure the safety of your vehicle.


We do our best when your vehicle is free of garbage or personal items so we can focus on cleaning everything from dash to cupholder. When it's possible, please bring your vehicle to us in "cleanable" condition.

  1. Remove any garbage from cupholders or door trays. 

  2. All surfaces are lightly cleaned and then conditioned.

  3. Vents and bezels are carefully brushed or blown out.

  4. Complete interior cleaning of your vehicle is performed including your dash, centre console, windows, vinyl, door panels, ledges and cupholders, instrument cluster and moonroof or sunroof. 

  5. Compressed air is used to blow out your mirrors, mouldings, door handles and locks.

  6. Clean microfiber clothes are used to wipe your vehicle, top to bottom.

  7. Dressing is applied to door jambs, door frames and plastic kick plates.

  8. Glass is cleaned inside and out to ensure visibility.

  9. Tire shine is applied to make your tires stand out and protect them from solar damage.

We believe a clean car is essential to making you feel well taken care of. We want to go the extra mile for you; if you have any questions regarding our detailing service, just ask.

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